Hyperion Series Demountable Strong-Rooms & Vault Doors

PHOENIX SAFES ARE PROUD TO OFFER A COMPLETE RANGE OF PREFABRICATED STRONG-ROOMS. The vaults are designed to meet the exacting standards of the banking industry, pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers, safe deposit centres and any situation where tested and certified protection is required.

Phoenix strong-rooms come in pre-constructed panels normally 500mm wide and prescribed length. These are welded or bolted together once on site to form a five or six sided construction. This enables the strong- room to be positioned often in confined areas, even on an upper floor or basement. Vaults can also be extended or moved as requirements change.

The Phoenix range of vault doors are tested and certified to conform with EN 1143-1 European standards of burglary resistance. Available from grade III up to grade XI they provide the perfect partner for our demountable strong-rooms. They can also be supplied
to fit into pre-built or purposely constructed vault.

The standard size allows a free opening of 1000mm wide by 2000mm high. However, bespoke sizes are available to accommodate large forklifts or wide pallets achieving heights in excess of four metres if required.

To accompany our vault doors we supply grille gates to suit. Emergency doors are also available in smaller sizes.

To obtain certification the vault must be a six-sided construction the exception to this is a controlled drugs installation where a five-sided construction is permissible with the correct anchoring system on the floor.

The protection is completed by a strong-room door of commensurate quality to the vault. In larger installations a second or emergency door are often prescribed.

Phoenix offers a complete design and build service to our customers, including guidance as to the correct locks to secure your strong-room.


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