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Traditionally many government subsidised or fully funded institutions are provided with an annual budget that runs from 1st April to 31st March. This means that they can often be looking to ensure every penny of their budget is spent by the end of March to make sure that their budget is fully replenished for the following year. Many more of our large, higher value products are purchased in these 3 months as a result of this.

So, if you are a supplier to the public sector then now is the time to start promoting Phoenix Safes and products such as our FS1511K and SS1621K fire cupboards as well as the fire & water resistant filing cabinets like the FS2234K.



Away from home?
Fiends or family coming back to check your house whilst you are away?
Where do you store your keys?
Not safe under a mat or plant pot!
Invest in a Phoenix KS0002C


ID-Fraud-Article_02It is estimated that over 18 million UK households could be be failing to protect themselves from identity fraud.

The purpose of ID Fraud Week is to warn of the dangers of identity fraud and outline simple steps that anybody can take to protect themselves. National Identity Fraud Prevention Week is an initiative launched by leading UK organisations: including the Metropolitan Police, Crimestoppers, CIFAS to name a few.

Identity fraud occurs when a criminal uses somebody else’s personal information pretends to be someone else in order to fraudulently obtain goods and services.

It is known that organised criminal gangs operating in and around British pay bin raiders for each document that contains an individual’s personal details.

They then use this information against the victim to create a “create clone”. The National Identity Fraud Prevention Week is aimed at bringing attention to some of the steps that can be taken to protect yourself from identity theft and one method is to keep your personal and confidential documents secure.

Phoenix Safe Company offers a wide range of high security safes that will be ideal to protect your cash, credit cards and other valuables as well as original and confidential documentation such as passports and birth certificates.

If you discover that you have been a victim of identity fraud you must contact your nearest police station.


James Goulding, businessinfo‘s Editor, has selected Phoenix’s Venice Laptop Security case and the Madrid Laptop Security case for a prestigious Editors Choice Award.

These Awards are given on the basis of Design, Innovation and Functionality and in this case a clear combination of Functionality and Innovation have resulted in this award.


gadgetshowcitadel1The new Phoenix Citadel SS1191E Fire and Security Safe was featured on the Gadget Show on Channel 5. The shows team were challenged to break into 5 high tech safes, and given just an hour to do so.

In their first attempt they used a huge industrial digger to drop the safes from a great height, although the Phoenix Citadel was a tad battered and bruised the damage was merely cosmetic. Thanks to the Citadel’s double wall construction with high grade concrete infill the team did not succeed.

The second attempt saw the team enlist the help of a powerful angle grinder but in top form the Phoenix Citadel fought back and broke the high tech tool. With a wall thickness of 56mm and a door thickness of 92mm combined with anti drill plates and re-locker protection, it would take more than this to break into the Citadel.

Unsuccessful the team endeavoured with their third and final attempt, this time calling upon the help of an explosives expert. Using a highly explosive compound called P.E.T.N, the team were confident that they would win the challenge. Used in demolition and by the military P.E.T.N is one of the most powerful explosives in existence today, would the team be successful?

A massive explosion followed, rocking the ground and filling the air with fire and plumes of smoke. As the smoke dispersed the Gadget show team were on tenterhooks, wondering if they had won the challenge. But true to form, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, our Phoenix Citadel safe stood proud and survived the colossal blast. Remaining solid and locked the Citadel was not defeated, a victorious moment for Phoenix Safe Company.

More information on the Phoenix Citadel SS1191E Fire and Security Safe available here.


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