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Cosmos HS9965EF

Phoenix Cosmos HS9965E Size 5 Fire & High Security Euro Grade 5 Safe with Electronic & Key Lock

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£100,000 cash protection or £1,000,000 valuables
Fire Protection (Paper)
Changeable Lock
Electronic Lock
AIS Approved
ECB Approved

Phoenix Cosmos HS9965E Size 5 Fire & High Security Euro Grade 5 Safe with Electronic & Key Lock

  • SECURITY PROTECTION: The Phoenix Cosmos range of safes have been designed to provide protection for cash risks up to £100,000 £1,000,000.
  • SECURITY PROTECTION: Tested to the prestigious European EN1143-1 Security standard ECB.S Certified Grade 5 Recommended Insurance rating of £100,000 cash or £1,000,000 valuables*
  • APPROVALS: ECB.S / AiS / Police Secured by Design.
  • LOCKING: Fitted with 1 high security VdS class II (SECU SELO-B) electronic locks with time delay, multi user, dual control and audit trail + a VdS Class II Keylock. Two Electronic Selo B locks can be fitted as an optional extra.
  • FIRE PROTECTION: Tested to the European LFS 60P Fire protection standard (EN15659 ECB.S Certified) giving 60 minutes fire protection for paper documents.
  • FIXING: Ready prepared for floor fixing, with fixing bolts for concrete supplied.
  • CONSTRUCTION:The unique design of barrier material comprising high resistance composite materials, with metallic fibres and layers of reinforced armour to protect against drilling, cutting and oxyacetylene attack.

AIS Approved



797 Litres

Capacity (Group)

500 – 799 Litres

Cash Cover / Valuable Cover

£100,000.00 / £1,000,000.00




ECB Approved

External Dimensions (HxWxD)

1883 x 1110 x 725mm

Fire Protection (Paper)

60 Minutes

Fixing Bolts Quantity


Internal Dimensions (HxWxD)

1730 x 960 x 480mm


Changeable, Electronic

RAL Number


Wall/Floor/Cable/Under Counter Fixing



2 years on site guarantee against manufacturing defect.



Weight (Group)

2000 – 2499 kg

Lead Time

8 weeks


Delivery Service

A specialist Safe Carrier will deliver into the building, remove and dispose of packaging and put the unit into place.
  • Adjustable Shelf: Customise the interior with an additional height adjustable shelf.
  • Keys: This unit includes two keys as standard. Additional keys are only available at the time of order.
  • Selo A High Security Electronic Combination lock EN1300 Class A: Upgrade to a High Security Selo A High Security Electronic Combination lock with time delay and multiple user codes.
  • Optional Colour: Order your safe in a different colour with this upgrade
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