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Fire Commander FS1902K

Phoenix Fire Commander FS1902K Size 2 Fire Safe with Key Lock

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£2,500 cash protection or £25,000 valuables
Fire Protection (Paper)
Fire Protection (Data)
Fire Protection (Digital Media)
Key Lock
Drop Tested
Fire Warranty

Phoenix Fire Commander FS1902K Size 2 Fire Safe with Key Lock

  • The Phoenix FS1902K Fire Commander series offers unrivalled protection for documents, data and Cash.
  • FIRE PROTECTION (PAPER): Tested to the Swedish NT Fire 017 - 120 Paper standard, providing 120 minutes fire protection for paper documents.
  • FIRE PROTECTION (DIGITAL MEDIA): Fire Protection for Digital Media: Tested to DIP120 - 60DM standard providing Up to 1 hr fire protection for DVDs, USB Memory stick and hard drives.
  • SECURITY PROTECTION: Recommended for an overnight cash risk of £2,500.00 or £25,000.00 valuables.
  • LOCKING: Fitted with a high quality keylock and supplied with two keys
  • FITTINGS: Supplied with 3 height adjustable shelves and 1 lockable drawer.
  • DROP TEST: Drop tested from 9.1 meters for resistance to the impact of falling through the burning floors of a building or the collapse of the building.
  • COLOUR/FINISH: Finished in a high quality scratch resistant paint RAL9003 White.


380 Litres

Capacity (Group)

300 – 499 Litres

Cash Cover / Valuable Cover

£2,500.00 / £25,000.00




Double walled steel body and door filled with multi layered fire resistant barrier material



Drop Tested


External Dimensions (HxWxD)

1630mm x 775mm x 650mm

Fire Protection (Data)

120 Minutes *If FSDPI03 is used

Fire Protection (Digital Media)

60 Minutes

Fire Protection (Paper)

120 Minutes

Internal Dimensions (HxWxD)

1450mm* x 595mm x 440mm *The drawer reduces the internal height by 105mm.

Key Hooks
Live Locking Bolts




RAL Number



3 Adjustable Shelves


2 years on site guarantee against manufacturing defect and free lifetime 'after the fire' replacement warranty.



Weight (Group)

300 – 499 kg

Lever Arch Folder

Lever Arch Folder – 25

Foolscap Lever Arch Folder

Foolscap Lever Arch Folder – 23

Foolscap Box File

Foolscap Box File – 23

Fire Warranty


Lead Time

5 days


Delivery Service

A specialist Safe Carrier will deliver into the building, remove and dispose of packaging and put the unit into place.
  • Adjustable Shelf: Customise the interior with an additional height adjustable shelf.
  • Suspended Filing Cradle: Customise the interior with a height adjustable fixed suspended filing cradle.
  • Spare Drawer Key: This unit includes two keys as standard but additional keys are available.
  • FSDPI03: Protect Computer Data in a FSDPI03 Data Protection Insert.
  • Spare Key: This unit includes two keys as standard but additional keys are available.
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