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Firechief FS1611K

Phoenix Firechief FS1611K Size 1 Fire & S1 Security Safe with Key Lock

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£2,000 cash protection or £20,000 valuables
Fire Protection (Paper)
Fire Protection (Data)
Changeable Lock
Key Lock

Phoenix Firechief FS1611K Size 1 Fire & S1 Security Safe with Key Lock

  • The Phoenix Firechief sets new standards for protection against fire and burglary attack in an economic, convenient and attractive format. Ideal for large quantities of documents, records & exam papers.
  • SECURITY PROTECTION: Tested to the prestigious European S1 EN14450 Security standard giving cash cover of £2,000 or Valuables cover of £20,000.
  • FIRE PROTECTION (PAPER): Recommended for 30 minutes fire protection for paper records.
  • LOCKING: Fitted with a high security double bitted VDS class 1 keylock.
  • STORAGE: Ideal for storage of large documents, records and exam papers.
  • DOOR CONSTRUCTION: High security 3 way espagnolette boltwork provides great strength and attack resistance.
  • COLOUR/FINISH: Finished in a high quality scratch resistant paint RAL9003 White.


235 Litres

Capacity (Group)

300 – 499 Litres

Cash Cover / Valuable Cover

£2,000.00 / £20,000.00




External Dimensions (HxWxD)

1155mm x 670mm x 525mm

Fire Protection (Data)

30 Minutes *If FSDPI03 is used

Fire Protection (Paper)

30 Minutes

Internal Dimensions (HxWxD)

1045mm x 545mm x 412mm

Live Locking Bolts



Changeable, Key

RAL Number



3 Adjustable Shelves

Wall/Floor/Cable/Under Counter Fixing



2 years on site guarantee against manufacturing defect and free lifetime 'after the fire' replacement warranty.



Weight (Group)

100 – 149 kg

Lever Arch Folder

Lever Arch Folder – 21

Foolscap Lever Arch Folder

Foolscap Lever Arch Folder – 15

Foolscap Box File

Foolscap Box File – 17

Lead Time

5 days


Delivery Service

A specialist Safe Carrier will deliver into the building, remove and dispose of packaging and put the unit into place.
  • Keys: This unit includes two keys as standard. Additional keys are only available at the time of order.
  • Adjustable Shelf: Customise the interior with an additional height adjustable shelf.
  • Suspended Filing Cradle: Customise the interior with a height adjustable fixed suspended filing cradle.
  • Dual Control: Upgrade to dual control key lock and electronic lock Class 2
  • High Security Changeable Key lock EN1300 Class 1: Upgrade to a High Security Changeable Key lock
  • Selo B High Security Electronic Combination lock EN1300 Class B: Upgrade to a High Security Selo B High Security Electronic Combination lock with dual control, time lock and audit trail
  • Electronic Finger Print Recognition Combination Lock: Upgrade to an Electronic Finger Print Recognition Combination Lock, please note S1 rating will no longer be valid once fitted).
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