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Planet HS6051E

Phoenix Planet HS6051E Size 1 High Security Euro Grade 4 Safe with Electronic & Key Lock

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£60,000 cash protection or £600,000 valuables
Changeable Lock
Electronic Lock
AIS Approved
ECB Approved
SBD Police Preferred Specification

Phoenix Planet HS6051E Size 1 High Security Euro Grade 4 Safe with Electronic & Key Lock

  • SECURITY PROTECTION: The Phoenix Planet range of safes have been designed to provide protection for cash risks up to £60,000 or valuables risks of up to £600,000).
  • SECURITY PROTECTION: Tested to the prestigious European EN1143-1 Security standard ECB.S Certified Grade 4 Recommended Insurance rating of £60,000 cash or £6000,000 valuables*
  • APPROVALS: ECB.S / AiS / Police Secured by Design.
  • LOCKING: Fitted with 1 high security VdS class II (SECU SELO-B) electronic locks with time delay, multi user, dual control and audit trail + a VdS Class II Keylock. Two Electronic Selo B locks can be fitted as an optional extra.
  • FIXING: Ready prepared for floor fixing, with fixing bolts for concrete supplied.
  • CONSTRUCTION:The unique design of barrier material comprising high resistance composite materials, with metallic fibres and layers of reinforced armour to protect against drilling, cutting and oxyacetylene attack.
  • COLOUR/FINISH: Finished in a high quality scratch resistant paint RAL9003 White.

AIS Approved



110 Litres

Capacity (Group)

100 – 149 Litres

Cash Cover / Valuable Cover

£60,000.00 / £600,000.00




Double walled steel plate body and door filled with security composite materials, metallic fibres and layers of reinforcing armour to prevent thermal cutting.

ECB Approved


External Dimensions (HxWxD)

848 x 645 x 565mm

Fixing Bolts Quantity


Internal Dimensions (HxWxD)

695 x 495 x 320mm

Live Locking Bolts



Changeable, Electronic

RAL Number


SBD Police Preferred Specification



1 Adjustable Shelf

Wall/Floor/Cable/Under Counter Fixing



2 years on site guarantee against manufacturing defect.



Weight (Group)

500 – 749 kg

Lead Time

8 weeks


Delivery Service

A specialist Safe Carrier will deliver into the building, remove and dispose of packaging and put the unit into place.
  • Adjustable Shelf: Customise the interior with an additional height adjustable shelf.
  • Keys: This unit includes two keys as standard. Additional keys are only available at the time of order.
  • Selo B High Security Electronic Combination lock EN1300 Class B: Upgrade to a High Security Selo B High Security Electronic Combination lock with dual control, time lock and audit trail
  • Optional Colour: Order your safe in a different colour with this upgrade
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