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Hello Alison

Thank you very much for your help and support. Good customer service is not easy to find and you were very helpful.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas!



All done and so far, all working properly.

Thank you so much to you and Peter Barnes. I must say your service has
been exemplary, wish others could be just half as good.

Les Rose

Thanks Rebecca, you are an absolute star! Outstanding customer service, which I’m happy to tell anyone who asks.


Many thanks for your very prompt response (2 minutes!) and after 5.00 pm as well!

Thank you again for such superb service!

Brendan Fagan

I am very impressed with your
Company’s service and the way
you personally handled my small

Going forward, I will always purchase
Phoenix products, should the need

Kenny McDowell

Thank you Darrian

Clare has just contacted me – very happy with your service
Not often a supplier actually does things in the given timescale for me so many thanks indeed
I can sell these with confidence now – brilliant – thank you

Stevie Fairbairn

SS0721EBD – Blue ‘My First Safe’

Our safes were the best value for money products we’ve bought this year. We bought the sky blue one for my nephew’s birthday and then my niece wanted one straight away. We bought the bubblegum pink one for her and they had happy birthdays. Delivery was great too, we knew when the packages were coming through real communication. I also liked how the products came with all the fixings and a very clear instruction leaflet. The idea of supplying 2 keys was also really welcome. I think the size is ideal too, everyone should buy one for those things they’d like to keep safe. I’m very happy with all the services from beginning to end. I think you’ve captured customer communication to a very high level.


SS0721EBD – Blue ‘My First Safe’

This safe is great value for money. It is enough for all your small items and very easy to use.


SS0721EBD – Blue ‘My First Safe’

Great product and price. Swift delivery.


SS0721EBD – Blue

Purchased this item to compliment larger safe kept upstairs. These days my wife has difficulty climbing the stairs, so this one is kept downstairs for such items as regularly used, such as credit cards and loose cash papers. It supplies us with not only security but convenience also. How often have you laid a document down in a safe place, only to realise that the place is so safe you cannot find it again. With this safe you come back from shopping and just pop your credit cards, spare cash, receipts etc into the safe via the slot. You don’t even have to open it. Somewhere safe, convenient, easily accessible. Peace of mind at a very moderate price. Just remember not to keep the spare keys in the safe.

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