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How To: Embed The Phoenix Product Guide On Your Site

How To Embed The Phoenix Safe Product Guide Cover Photo

If your customers would like to browse through our extensive range of safety and security products, they can do so using our electronic product guide which you can embed on your website!

Step 1

Access our electronic product guide using the following link >

Step 2

Select the share button at the bottom of the page below the guide

Screenshot of the Phoenix Safe e-brochure share button

Step 3

Next select the “Insert to Site” tab

Screenshot of the Insert to Site option on the Phoenix Safe e-Brochure

Step 4

Enter the dimensions you would like the guide to appear on your website (in pixels). This may require some experimenting to see what looks best. If you’re not sure, skip this step and see how it appears with the recommended dimensions (640x480px).

Screen shot of the dimensions fields on the Phoenix Safe e-Brochure

Step 5

Once you’ve entered your sizes you can highlight and copy the code directly, or click the copy button. You can then paste this code into the relevant section of your site.

Screenshot highlighting the copy button on the Phoenix Safe e-Brochure

Electronic Product Guide Preview

Note: The code must be entered into a text editor that accepts HTML code, or the product guide will not appear. For technical advice regarding your website, speak to your website provider or developer. If you require any assistance with this feature, you can email

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