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Pandora Series Safety Deposit Lockers

Phoenix Safety Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit box installation

Fitted safe deposit boxes


The safe deposit boxes are available in a large number of different sizes and are designed to fit within our prefabricated strong rooms, ideally to a European grade of at least EN 1143-1 VIII EX CD they can also be used as an attractive stand-alone unit in hotel reception areas.

Range includes tested and certified design with the stringent Swedish test SSF1048-2.

Our range which includes both stainless steel or brushed aluminium lockers can be electronically controlled and monitored meaning you can provide a complete self-service facility for your customer without the need for staff presence within the vault.

Lockers can be accessed via card, pin or biometric methods and customers details are stored on bespoke software that manages your database along Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines and can be connected to standard accounts packages enabling the simple management of annual billing and renewals.

Phoenix safe have in-house expertise to help you design and build your safe deposit centre or extend your existing installations.

Product Specification Sheet

Secure safe deposit box with key lock

All Phoenix safe deposit boxes come with internal containers for clients to store valuables and remove and inspect them in privacy.

Biometric lock for safe deposit box

Deposit boxes can be accessed using our module  using pin-code proximity cards and/or biometric fingerprint reader.

Key lock for use in safety deposit boxes

Keys to open each locker are supplied in duplicate and cannot be copied. If keys are lost the lock must be drilled open.


Safe deposit boxes

Case Study

We manufactured shipped and installed a grade X EX CD demountable strong-room fully tested and certified to ECBS standards. This grade of vault offers a bank grade of protection with the added security of explosive (EX) and Core Drill (CD) certification.

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Richard Matthews

Richard Matthews is our expert in providing vault doors and strong rooms here at Phoenix.

Richard has a wealth of experience in designing and managing the installation of vaults to all types of customers. He has been in the safe security industry for nearly forty years and has organised many and varied projects, from the first architects plans through to the finished vault.

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