• 1723

    A group of migrant steel workers from the Toledo area of Spain were working their passage to the United States, with the intention to sail from Liverpool to New York. They joined Richmond Manufactory where their skills with steel were put to good use replacing the traditional wooden strongboxes with all steel reinforced strongboxes.

  • 1799

    The Richmond Safe Co was set up and was in the family ownership of John R Solomon. The Company supplied the maritime trade between England and the United States with iron banded or iron clad wooden strongboxes and seaman's chests.

  • 1850

    The company name changed to Withy Grove Stores and was used for all three companies based in Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. We began to design and patent steel safes, strongboxes, fire safes and vaults many of which are still in use today.

  • 1890

    The patents were received for the first stitch bolt safe and double bitted lock.

  • 1991

    Opened sales office in Madrid, Spain

  • 1993

    Opened sales office in New York

  • 1994

    Opened sales office in Nantes, France

  • 1996

    Opened sales office in Koln, Germany

  • 2001

    Opened National Sales, Service and Logistics Centre in Lebanon, Indiana, USA.

  • 2006

    Opened European Logistics and Sales Centre in Dusseldorf, Germany

    Opened sales office in Milan, Italy

  • 2010

    Phoenix is now the largest manufacturer of data safes in Europe with a broad range of products encompassing small domestic data protection products through to the largest Commercial and Banking storage requirements.

    Opened Regional Sales and Service Office in Verteuil sur Charente, France.

Hyperion Series Demountable Strong-Rooms

PHOENIX SAFES ARE PROUD TO OFFER A COMPLETE RANGE OF PREFABRICATED STRONG-ROOMS. The vault design is intended to meet the exacting standards of the banking industry, pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers, safe deposit centres and any situation where tested and certified protection is required.

Prefabricated vaults

Phoenix strong-rooms come in pre-constructed modular vault panels normally 500mm wide and prescribed length. These are welded or bolted together once on site to form a five or six sided construction. This enables the prefabricated vault to be positioned often in confined areas, even on an upper floor or basement. These strong-rooms can also be extended or moved as requirements change.

Secure medical storage

The exception to a six-sided construction is a controlled drugs installation where a five-sided construction is permissible with the correct anchoring system on the floor.

Phoenix strong rooms are ideal walk-in pharmaceutical vaults for controlled substances, with custom access and locking systems available.

Vault installation

Phoenix offers a complete design and build service to our customers, including guidance as to the correct locks to secure your strong-room.


Safe deposit boxes

Case Study

We manufactured shipped and installed a grade X EX CD demountable strong-room fully tested and certified to ECBS standards. This grade of vault offers a bank grade of protection with the added security of explosive (EX) and Core Drill (CD) certification.

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Richard Matthews

Richard Matthews is our expert in providing vault doors and strong rooms here at Phoenix.

Richard has a wealth of experience in designing and managing the installation of vaults to all types of customers. He has been in the safe security industry for nearly forty years and has organised many and varied projects, from the first architects plans through to the finished vault.

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