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Richard Matthews

Richard Matthews is our expert in providing vault doors and strong rooms here at Phoenix

Richard has a wealth of experience in designing and managing the installation of vaults to all types of customers. He has been in the safe security industry for nearly forty years and has organised many and varied projects, from the first architects plans through to the finished vault

Examples are

  • A small walk in vault for a high-end jeweller in Bond street, situated on an upper floor,
  • Large pharmaceutical companies looking to hold controlled drugs to government regulations with vault doors 6 metres high to take a large stacking forklift.
  • Bullion companies holding large stocks of gold ingots
  • The largest vault in Europe the size of a football pitch built on two floors for a major UK bank
  • Safe deposit centres with over 7000 boxes for clients to rent out, all controlled and monitored via tried and tested software.

Richard can walk you through the requirements you need to build a safety deposit centre, even to the point of providing highly cost-effective insurance for your customer through Lloyds of London.

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