Our partnership with Easthouse - Phoenix Safe

Our partnership with Easthouse

Here at Phoenix Safe Company our continuing desire to offer locksmiths the very best options takes another step forward. Recently we introduced locking options to our standard safe ranges from Sergeant & Greenleaf, Kaba and La Gard. Next on our list of products is the launch of our partnership with Easthouse.

Easthouse’s  continuing commitment to offer certified locking solutions now include 6 VdS rated choices to class II. They are easy to fit and their unique designs offer unsurpassed reliability.

The SafeLogic Basic comes with either a motorized swing bolt or a motor driven deadbolt option. While the dead lock is not a push/pull  lock, the bolt is drilled to attach a live relocker if the weight is less than 250g.

The SafeLogic D series offers 3 users with either lock body option. It also has dual control as well as a time delay opening. The carefully thought out bolt design retracts the bolt for 6 seconds when a valid code is entered.

The SafeLogic Direct Drive Basic and C10 options offer a sturdy manually driven dead bolt that is perfect for push/pull applications. The bolt is drilled to attach to boltwork or to add bolt extensions. There is a choice of 2 or 10 6 digit user codes and in the C10 version, an audit trail that is downloaded with the help of an Easthouse USB stick. Just input the code, rotate the keypad and the lock is open. Both versions feature a no twist cable design. The detachable keypad on these options means the safe can be left overnight with no means of use. Not forgetting it makes changing the battery a breeze.

All 6 lock options offer an alpha-numeric keypad which makes the lock user friendly even for those with trouble remembering PINs.

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