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Firefox SS1621K

Phoenix Fire Fox SS1621K Size 1 Fire & S1 Security Safe with Key Lock

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£2,000 cash protection or £20,000 valuables
Fire Protection (Paper)
Fire Protection (Digital Media)
Changeable Lock
Key Lock
AIS Approved

Phoenix Fire Fox SS1621K Size 1 Fire & S1 Security Safe with Key Lock

  • The Phoenix FireFox SS1620 series is designed and tested to the latest and prestigious European test standards for both Fire and Security Protection. Approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS).
  • SECURITY PROTECTION: Tested to the prestigious European S1 EN14450 Security standard giving cash cover of £2,000 or Valuables cover of £20,000.
  • FIRE PROTECTION (PAPER): Tested to the Swedish NT Fire 017 - 120 Paper standard, providing 120 minutes fire protection for paper documents
  • FIRE PROTECTION (DIGITAL MEDIA): Tested to DIP120 - 60DM standard providing up to 60 minutes fire protection for CD, DVD, memory stick and hard drives
  • LOCKING: Fitted with a high security double bitted VDS class 1 keylock
  • CONSTRUCTION: Double wall construction with high grade concrete infill and internal lockable steel drawer to provide both fire and burglary protection
  • FIXING: Ready prepared for floor fixing, with fixing bolts for concrete supplied.

AIS Approved



129 Litres

Cash Cover / Valuable Cover

£2,000.00 / £20,000.00




Double walled steel plate body and door filled with concrete



External Dimensions (HxWxD)

960mm x 655mm x 560mm

Fire Protection (Digital Media)

60 Minutes

Fire Protection (Paper)

120 Minutes

Internal Dimensions (HxWxD)

780mm* x 475mm x 350mm *The drawer reduces the internal height by 105mm

Key Hooks


Live Locking Bolts



Changeable, Key

RAL Number



1 Adjustable Shelf

Wall/Floor/Cable/Under Counter Fixing



2 years on site guarantee against manufacturing defect and free lifetime ‘after the fire’ replacement warranty.



Lever Arch Folder

Lever Arch Folder – 9

Foolscap Lever Arch Folder

Foolscap Lever Arch Folder – 8

Foolscap Box File

Foolscap Box File – 9

Product Range


Lead Time

5 days


Delivery Service

A specialist Safe Carrier will deliver into the building, remove and dispose of packaging and put the unit into place.
  • Adjustable Shelf: Customise the interior with an additional height adjustable shelf.
  • Suspended Filing Cradle: Customise the interior with a height adjustable fixed suspended filing cradle.
  • Keys: This unit includes two keys as standard. Additional keys are only available at the time of order.
  • Spare Drawer Key: This unit includes two keys as standard but additional keys are available.
  • Dual Control: Upgrade to dual control key lock and electronic lock
  • High Security Changeable Key lock EN1300 Class 1: Upgrade to a High Security Changeable Key lock
  • Selo B High Security Electronic Combination lock EN1300 Class B: Upgrade to a High Security Selo B High Security Electronic Combination lock with dual control, time lock and audit trail
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