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Smartbox KS0112E

The Phoenix Smartbox System can include everything from a few keys up to several thousand keys.

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THE PHOENIX SMARTBOX SYSTEM can include everything from a few keys up to several thousand keys. As your needsgrow, you can easily add more strips, or more cabinets. Up to 100 cabinets can be connected in the same system. All cabinets have a display with easy to guide menu management and search functions. The cabinets are equipped with a backup battery and alarms.

  • For small and large operations Flexible Smartbox makes it easy to manage everything, from 14 to several thousand keys in multiple cabinets across various locations. This system can be managed by a single administrator, or shared with other administrators. Administrators access rights vary from ‘view only’ to full control of users, keys and time allocations.
  • Simple administration, instant tracking Users and keys are simple to register. You determine which users can access which keys. Time limits can be set so if keys are not returned within the allocated time, emails can be sent to a manager informing them of the key, user and alarm.
  • Control of every key You decide who has access. One or several keys can be assigned to an intelligent key peg. Two choices of peg are available - unlocking and locking. The unlocking peg is ideal for organisations where several members of staff can access any key. The locking pegs are suited to organisations that need to restrict access.
  • Simple to use Each user has their own personal access code. The system indicates what keys you have access to so you can take out the ones you want to use. If a key has already been taken out, the convenient display shows you who has it.


Warranty 5 year guarantee


Colour Grey
External Dimensions (HxWxD) 900 x 610 x 300mm
Locking Key
RAL Number RAL7035


Key Hooks 112

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4 - 5 Weeks


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